One of the most competitive and accomplished chefs that inspires, mentors and is an inspiration to so many in the US and globally.

TinnCann is where aspirational artists, athletes, and enthusiasts access world-class mentorship from the Experts they admire most. Book up close and personal time with Chef Ed.

Club Chefs Institute™  or CCI was established to provide superior education centric for club chefs. CCI will educate using its website, individual mentoring, elite classes & The Club Clinic Congress. Chef Leonard is a certified master chef and considered the pioneer in bringing club food and club chefs to a level that everyone enjoys today. 


Stay tuned for Chef Ed’s exciting collaborations with Chef Richard Rosedale’s Collective and Chef Daryl Shular and the Shular Institute.

The Master Chefs’ Institute applies the highest standards of quality and excellence to every product test and evaluation we undertake. Our report and testing process is unheralded in the industry. The insights and recommendations we provide come from an international team of Certified Master Chefs® who have achieved the highest level of culinary certification in the world with over 190 years of combined foodservice experience.

Elite Personal Chefs was created in 2011 with the vision of sharing a passion for elevated food and culinary innovation within consumers homes and businesses. We are a network of culinary leaders, chefs, and industry professionals available for personal, or corporate consultation and proud to announce Edward Leonard Certified Master Chef is now part of the team and heading up our global ambassador program.


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