Edwards Cuisine

How it started

How it started

Two words that describe Chef Edwards food Simplicity with Elegance. A focus from his days growing up in the family’s Italian kitchen of simple but flavorful food with a focus on tasting good being paramount. Edward’s cuisine is rooted in classical methodology and executing the simplest of dishes at a high level.

His presentation style and ability to plate food in an attractive manner was sought after and he was asked to publish the award-winning book “You Eat with Your Eyes” featured in Crate & Barrel stores.

When asked how and why? He responds plating a dish of food no matter what it is, the person receiving it should say wow, that looks delicious I want to eat this when that happens you achieved meaning.

My Cuisine

The Foundation of cooking and understanding the basics along with proper technique is the key for success. It’s only after fundamentals have been grasped that mastery can be obtained. Then understanding how it progresses due to many factors is how we advance and improve. A great modern musician studied classical music, great modern chefs have studied and understand the foundation of cookery. Edwards’s cooking starts here and why he is a master of his craft.

Contemporary Cuisine

Within the road of global competitions, high level special events and dinners along with training the next generation one must always keep learning and advance in the craft. Taking his deep-rooted foundation and belief in great tasting food Edward innovates with carefully thought-out food that gives best outcomes in his kitchens. He mentors and teaches daily to always strive to be better and focus on innovation that has roots.

Never Forget

Edwards true belief is every chef and the foundation of their cuisine started in the home and from prior generations of people cooking from the heart and making do with what they had. Cooking good food is very attainable, understanding, while learning the fundamentals and having a love for food can make it happen. The simplest of dishes create the best of memories. 


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