The Mentor



Edward grew up in an environment that had challenges. His dad left him at 10 years of age. His mom was on welfare for many years and did not have it easy. The one thing she always made sure was her kids had a roof over their heads and good food to eat. Having dinner as a family for Edward was a thing whether it was just dish of pasta and gravy, some bread and cheese they sat and enjoyed the food they had and talked.

Not having much when growing up Edward saw food as the one thing that bought people together regardless of economic status. He understood that the dishes people enjoy and eat today from different cultures was based on the indigenous food along with the circumstances they had to work with. His travels across the globe would reenforce that belief, teach him many things and become the building block of the chef that was to make his mark

Edward speaks of the popular panzanella soup served in restaurants today. This was bread soup for many people who could not afford proteins or much else. It was a way his mom used leftover bread, toasting it with oil and garlic then putting in a bowl of tomato or squash soup made from items in her garden. The bread was there to not waste food and more importantly to fill up your stomach.

As his career grew certain chefs not only inspired him but took the time to mentor and teach him. For chef that has always stayed with him and as his career grew. He knew he had an obligation to do the same and help younger culinarians and all chefs by sharing and mentoring. 

Edward lives by his philosophy that the key to mentoring and teaching is to ensure people become the best “they” can be and not expect them to be like you. It is a serious role that he commits to. When you have a culture of culinary excellence mentorship is a energy all share and get better from. 

Edward says the secret of being a leader as a chef is simple take others to a place professionally that they would not get to if not for your in for influence, mentorship and opening doors for them.


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